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  • 太極研究室常設專家顧問及導師,為太極拳的學員提供技術諮詢,會員提問優先。

  • 部分王氏水性太極拳的教學材料,包括錄像和筆記,不對外開放,只限於會員之間流傳。

  • 購買指定的太極拳書籍及錄像產品,會員享有特別優惠。

  • 由太極研究室舉辦的活動,例如研討會、 工作坊、旅遊練功等,會員享有特別優惠。



Support us

You can support us by becoming a member and enjoy the following rights and privileges:  

  • Priority reply from our coaches or consultants on questions related to taijiquan. 

  • Access to members-only training information and materials including video files and notes.  

  • Special discounts on purchases of books, videos and other products.

  • Special discounts on seminars, workshops, and retreat tours.  ​


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