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The Tao to Excellence


TaijiAcademy is a non-profit organization founded in Hong Kong in 2005 by Mr. Chan Shao Wah, who was a student of Grandmaster Wang Zhuang Hong. Its aim is to be a focal point for learners of Taijiquan to exchange views, promote skill transfer, and support research and education projects necessary to the sustainable development of traditional Taijiquan.


In contemporary culture, the significance of Taijiquan is twofold. It is a time-proven exercise that provides its practitioners with real benefits including physical well-beings, holistic healing, self-dense and martial applications. Equally important is the rejuvenation of a long-neglected treasure in our cultural tradition. The theory and principles of Taijiquan is firmly based on the traditional yin-yang philosophy. In fact, all great knowledge which we inherited from our ancient ancestors, such as Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese medical practice and martial arts, share the same theoretical foundation and can be traced back to this yin-yang philosophy.


At TaijiAcademy, we strive to promote Taijiquan not just as a set of healing exercise and martial skills but also as a way of seeking wisdom from our great tradition. As the motto goes: “Heaven moves with power; just as the noble one never stops strengthening himself.”

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